Dr Majeda Awawdeh

Speaking Topics

Domestic Violence

The Power of Education

How to inspire children to love Mathematics

How to teach Mathematics for understanding (teachers)


Dr Majeda’s Acceptance Speech

Dr Majeda Awawdeh’s acceptance speech at the Australian Small Business Champion Awards – 2017

GEA 5 C’s Method 

The 5 C’s Method, used to unlock your child’s full potential.

Dr Majeda’s Story on SBS Radio

Dr Majeda Awawdeh defines survival. Enduring a marriage where domestic violence was a common occurrence, she survived and eventually prospered. She tells SBS Arabic24 that education is the key, especially for women.


In the book “Who Cares About Math’s, Anyway?” Dr Majeda addresses the top issues with Australia’s current education system in her honest, analytical overview. Over the course of the book, teachers, students and parents are given the opportunity to explore the deep-seated problems of their current school system, including a lack of teacher training and development, one-size-fits-all curricula and unfocused government funding.