Dr Majeda’s Mini Classes

To help ease the stress, and to help you in your adventure in homeschooling, I have put together a range of short videos that cover various mathematical concepts. My belief in conceptual understanding has been proven year after year. The more concepts children understand, the more independent learners they become. In addition, the conceptual understanding reduces their cognitive load while solving questions. It makes it easier for the brain to drive the novel information into their long-term memory, a matter that makes learning more enjoyable, stress-free and permanent. This great new resource is free and is our way of supporting parents at this time.

UPSL™ Strategy – Primary School

UPSL™ Strategy – High School

1. Number Bonds

2. Adding Using Partitioning

3. Addition Using The Jump Strategy

4. Subtracting Using The Jump Strategy

5. Addition Using the Split Strategy

6. Subtracting Using the Split Strategy

7. Fractions Fair Sharing

8. Adding Fractions

More mini classes to come…